How to Use the Branch Prediction Championship Kit

1. Download the simulation infrastructure:

2. Download the training traces :

3. Download the evaluation traces :

4. Download the simulation results from the 2016 competition :

5. MD5SUM for all of the above :

Setting Up the Simulation Infrastructure:

6. Unpack the kit:

 	tar -xzvf cbp2016.tar.gz

cd cbp2016

7. There should be five directories: sim, scripts, traces, bin, and results

8. You will need to install the BOOST library and add a link to the library to the Makefile in the sim directory. See comments in the Makefile.

9. The sim directory contains the simulator.  

         cd sim
make clean; make

10. The scripts directory contains scripts that can help you run your predictor for all 223 traces.  Check out the file in the scripts directory.

	cd ../scripts

11. We will use the AMEAN over all traces as the figure of merit.  You can compute this using the script.  Usage is as follows.

	./ -d ../results/GSHARE* 

8. The traces directory contains 5 of the smaller traces (~100 million instructions) for initial testing purposes. You will need to download all 223 traces from the cabinet and copy them to the traces directory. You will receive a download link to the files after you subscribe to the cbp_2016 google group.

Writing Your Own Branch Predictior:

In your sim directory, there are two files you can modify: and predictor.h 

Only these two files should be submitted with your contest submission. Any changes you make to any other files will not be reflected in our simulator.

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