Submission Instructions for the Cache Replacement Championship

The submission deadline for the Cache Replacement championship is this Friday, April 16, at 11:59:59 PM PDT (Pacific time zone in the US). For your submission to be reviewed, you need to create a tar file that includes the following:

  1. A text file named “abstract.txt” containing the following information:
  2. A pdf file containing your paper write-up. Please make sure that your paper write-up conforms to the guidelines posted on the CRC website.
  3. ONLY TWO FILES that contain your modifications to the simulation infrastructure. These were the only two files you were allowed to modify as specified by the competition rules (from your CRC/src/LLCsim/ directory). The files should have the names: replacement_state.cpp and replacement_state.h.

After you create the tar file with the above four files, you should send it to the following email address: You will get a confirmation email address within 24 hours of your submission indicating that we have received your submission.

Your email should only contain the tar file with the four files specified above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should not send any files other than the four specified above. We will copy your files to our directories, compile and test them. You should NOT make any changes to your simulator directories or makefile that prevents us from compiling and running your two code files.