CBP3 Submission Instructions

The submission deadline for CBP3 is this Friday, Apr. 15, at 11:59:59 PM PDT (Pacific time zone in the US). For your submission to be reviewed, you need to do the following two steps:

1) Submit Abstract and Paper at the Submissions Website

You need to use the submission website to submit your abstract and paper. You should create an account, submit a paper (THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE RESULTS) in pdf format, and indicate the track of your submission. Please note the submission guidelines for the abstract and paper at the championship website.

You need to complete this step first before submitting your code.

2) Submit Code to hongliang.gao@intel.com

You need to send an email to hongliang.gao@intel.com with the Subject line: CBP3_[CONDITIONAL|INDIRECT]_PAPER_NNN_SUBMISSION (where NNN corresponds to the paper number you get from the submission website). The email should contain the following attachments:

Your email should only contain the attachments specified above. You should use the same email address you used in step 1 to submit your code.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should not send any code files other than predictor.cc and predictor.h. We will copy your files to our directories, compile and test them. You shouldn't make any changes to your simulator directories or makefile that prevents us from compiling and running your two code files.